Chiu Feng Industry Co., Ltd. jest jednym z renomowanych producentów, dostawców i eksporterów Silnik wodny, z fabryką w Taiwan. Dzięki wieloletniemu doświadczeniu w linii wytwarzania, jesteśmy znani z naszej wyjątkowej wydajności w branży. Pomogliśmy się jako jeden z wiodących marek w Silnik wodny. Stale ulepszamy nasze produkty spełniają międzynarodowe standardy. Posiadamy zespół specjalistów, który zapewnia terminowość dostaw z dużą szczerością quality.Our i ciężka praca pomogła nam dopasować naszą jakości z międzynarodowymi standardami.


Since its establishment in 1998, Chiu Feng Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of various 304 stainless steel submersible motors (pumps) and deep well motors (pumps).

The professional knowledge of our company's manufacturing and engineering will give customers different solutions and suggestions in the application of pumps, so that customers can bring more convenient water life.

At the same time, the company will also make new research and development for the current environment and continue to innovate.
Using our exclusive invention, we have developed a "new submersible pump" from scratch. In addition, our company's professional technology has removed the lubricating materials that may have caused environmental pollution in the past, and also reduced unnecessary weight, creating a lighter and more friendly environment. new pump.
It has also been certified by the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and this invention is currently unique in the world.

The company's main focus is on agricultural and fishery, amphibious pumps, well irrigation water supply/drainage submersible motor pumps; animal husbandry (cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, etc.) water supply and drainage, high-pressure flushing submersible pumps; general household use silent pressure Submerged water pump, not afraid of sun and rain; super high pressure submerged water pump for high-rise buildings; submerged water pump for engineering, sewage and sewage.
The company's product features:
1. Easy to install
2. Very low failure rate
3. Large water output
4. Multi-stage high lift can be adjusted (subject to on-site construction)

The company passed new invention patents in 2018, which are Invention No. I678469 and New Model No. M572931.

Nasza szczerość i ciężka praca pozwoliły nam dopasować jakość naszych

Silnik wodny

z międzynarodowymi standardami. Według różnych rodzajów potrzeb produkcyjnych, oferujemy doskonałe usługi.